This is a working draft dated July 3, 2019

All formal interviews you conduct while staying at the Samburu Lowlands Research Station are under the auspices of the Research Station.

In order to insure you can properly credit your informants, so that you can contact the same informant should your return to the Research Station, and so that your work can assist others who are working in the same area we ask that you maintain a disciplined log of who you interview and that you share that log with the Research Station when you depart. 

Please record as much of the following as possible on the form provided by the Station. If the Station runs out of forms, please do your best to record this information, anyway. We are asking that you do your best with this within the realistic contrasts of doing field research. A three minute chat is not the same as thirty-minute interview/demonstration. We are asking you to use your judgement, but please, for any interview record the basic information that is noted in the fields marked with an asterisk. Thank you.

*Date(s) of interviews. 

*Full Samburu Name in a first/last format.

*English name, if there is one

*Phone number, if any. 

*Name of the the manyatta

*GPS coordinates of the manyatta

*Place of interview, if not in a manyatta


*In a few words, what did you talk about?


Indicators of socio economic station. 

Number of goats, sheep, camels  and cows that are currently owned. 

Number of cows that were owned at the height of their herd. 

Years in which the herds were reduced through drought. 

Number of children. 

If the informant is a woman, then does her husband have more than one wife, if so, how many and what number wife is she?

If the informant is a man, number of wives. 

Level of education. 

Level of English fluency, if any.

Please say what you interviewed the person about, about how much time you spent on the interviews, and your sense of the overall quality of the interview. 

Do you recommend that others use this same informant. 

Any problems that you had. What you gave the informant — amount of tea and sugar, money, or other gifts. 

Your name


Email address

Phone number