I started working in the Samburu Lowlands in 1994. The focus of my study is the smoke cured and fermented milk of the Samburu, a cultural group closely allied with the Maasai.

Over my many years of study in this area I have built up a small infrastructure of translators and others who I work with on my projects. I am open to helping independent researchers and small university groups quickly get started on Lowland projects through helping you with contacts, translators, and support infrastructure if you need it.

The area I work in, and thus the areas where I can offer support, is the area that includes the villages of Lengusaka and Wamba, the Namunak and Westgate Conservancies, and the area far as the LLusen Gap and Lodomoque along the C79/C78 road that rises from Archers Post levels out in the Samburu Lowlands and then rises again to Maralal in the Samburu Highlands.

This region is changing very rapidly. It is suffering serious degradation from overgrazing and climate change. It is now being to feel the effects of a reasonably intensive development, road building and electrification. The old ways are ending very rapidly. Anyone considering research projects in this area should probably think about coming sooner rather than later. My colleagues and I will be happy to help you.