1. After you have made initial contact and your application has been approved, then we will both sign a letter of agreement that confirms on our side that we have agreed to your proposal, and on your side that you have agreed to the financial terms, and payment schedule. A 10% non-refundable deposit is due within 30 days of signing and no refunds will be given within three months of the start of your program at the Research Station.

2. In the event you have to cancel, a graduated  refund schedule will also be part of the negotiated payment schedule. There will be no refunds within three months of arrival.

3. Within two months of your arrival, we expect each participant to provide us with their name, email address, institutional affiliation, if any, professional web pages, if any, and links to professional social media accounts managed, if any. Each participant should identify themselves as student, independent scholar, or state their institutional affiliation and position. Additionally, students should provide a short statement about what they are studying and a few personal interests, while independent scholars, graduate students, and faculty should provide their standard professional bio. Additionally, if you have written or published a paper that well represents the kind of work that you are interested in doing in the Samburu Lowlands, please include a reference and if possible, a PDF.

4. If you are organizing a group, then for the purposes of press releases, please identify a contact person including his or her name and email address. If a member of the group is not willing to be the contact person, which includes being identified on the Research Station website and in social media, then please identify someone else in your group or someone from your institution. 

5. For formal interviews (not casual conversation) you agree to fill out the Research Station informant questionnaire as fully as makes sense for the length and quality of the interview. However, in all interviews you deem worth noting, please be sure to at least record full names in Samburu, location, briefly what you talked about.

6. If you are not experienced at field work in the area you are planning on studying, then as part of our initial letter of agreement, we will have negotiated an appropriate training program with one or more of our Senior Fellows. 

7. Our objective is for you to do independent research. On the other hand, we have an obligation to the local community to insure that only qualified researchers are going out on their own. Except for walking to Lengusaka and Wamba, you agree not to leave the Research Station without a guide/translator, or without the approval of the Station’s Resident Director.

8. We ask that you keep light pollution to a minimum at night so that everyone at the Research Station can enjoy the night sky. 

9. A large part of the multi-acre facility is located under trees that are the home to a troop of vervet monkies, many bird species, and seasonally thousands of migrating birds. We ask that you use headphones to listen to music to maintain the local soundscape. In rare circumstances when music may be played out of speaker this must be limited to the lounge/bar area and choice of music must be agreed by group consensus.

10. We ask that upon leaving the Research Station each individual provide us with a brief outline of what you had set out to accomplish, what you feel you did accomplish, and what you would do differently next visit, if anything, based on this experience. We also ask that you let us know that you liked best, and least about the Research Station.

11. Your arrival at the Research Station constitutes your agreement to follow the research station’s policies found in a separate document on our website: sambururesearch.com/policies.