Name Change to Samburu Research

The organisation formerly known as Samburu Lowlands Research Centre is now known simply as Samburu Research. This name change took effect on Friday July 12th 2019, when we terminated our agreement with a local lowlands camp site in the interests of a more flexible research model covering a wider geographic area.

Samburu Research retains the same objectives, policies and standards, and will continue its research in the County, protecting and continuing to build its record of ethical operations, shared community benefit from all locally conducted research, and open and accessible publication of its outputs. We will also continue to work with researchers to help develop bespoke research projects and assist you in finding suitable locations to base your party, as well as bringing you together with appropriate local contacts.  We can advise and facilitate all kinds of projects in the County, whether for field groups from universities or other academic organisations, for private individuals with particular areas of interest, or for individual researchers. Please contact us if you require any further information. We look forward to working with you!