Note: this is a draft. Please comment if you have suggestions, clarifications, or pictures.

Distinctive [can get detail on the nature of the distinctiveness] strong, unpleasant smell and taste. Its most common usage applies to milk in a poorly prepared (poorly sterilized) calabash, in which odiferous bacteria are plentiful. Thus, the milk in the calabash of the alani woman can be described as lngusul. When goats forage on sukuroi [insert botanical name] or lopitara  [insert botanical name], their milk or their meat will have this smell or taste. People unfamiliar with this taste in their milk or meat may not like it, but those accustomed to it either like it, or at least accept it. By extension, this term applies to anything with a strong smell, such as a poorly cleaned bar or restaurant. [Check fact.]

[Query. Is it a singular recognizable smell or taste, or more amorphously, a more generalized unpleasant one? Are there extensions to lngusul taste beyond milk and goat meat? Are other meats or foods lngusul, besides goat?]

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