Note: this is a draft. Please let me know if you have any comments, suggestions, or pictures.

The unpleasant smell of goat’s or sheep’s milk [fact check sheep] when it is at its strongest, especially during the dry season, and is not yet in the prepared calabash where it will ferment. The shift in milk taste from wet to dry season happens within weeks of the last rain. It is particularly noticeable at the evening milking. Some girls don’t drink milk that is strongly lkereu when it is hot from the goat, and are unhappy when some gets on their clothes because of its persistent smell. Hands sticky with Ikereu milk after milking need to be washed before they are used to milk cows, lest the flavor of the milk is contaminated with that of goat. The smell of the milk is particularly noticeable around sunset, some say when the animal’s blood is very hot. 

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