Note: this is a draft. Please let me know if you have comments, suggestions, or pictures.

Adjective. A disgusting, bad taste or smell so extreme it may make you gag or want to vomit. Examples are rotten food: donkey’s milk, or the smell emanating from the beads of women protecting themselves from lice by rubbing sheep fat or ghee into the beads, or from having polished them with butter. For whatever purpose, ghee or sheep fat is rubbed into the beads, in time, they turns disgusting from the merging of the twin odors of rancid fat and old sweat, thus becoming kelili. Beads cleaned with cow or goat fat tend not to become kelili.

[Notes. Old draft: “Something rancid that makes you want to vomit like rotten food or donkey’s milk (used with children as medicine for whooping cough). Sometimes women add butter to their beads to clean them of lice and make them shiny, and the smell of this when it is old and mixed with sweat is kelili. If they use the fat from the animal (like cow or goat), then it doesn’t become kelili.” Alani but still developed to kule nawato, with flies or cockroaches in it?]

Robin Leparsanti, Longhiro, April 1, 2016.

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