Note: this is a draft. Please let me know if you have comments, suggestions, or pictures.

A lmala class milking container for the murran, only, with a bulbous base, a long straight section that is at least as long as the bulbous portion, and usually longer. It has the same bands as the lkantir, holding the leather in place at its neck and also ending in triangles. The wood on the straight section and also the lid are sometimes colored with ochre. The lid, which fits into a leather sleeve, is shaped like the tip of an erect penis. Since it is so large, it is made of a lighter wood, such as bolorio. There are leather straps for carrying.

Before being circumcised, boys wear a single strand necklace of small, green, glass beads. After being circumcised, this necklace is kept by his mother for seven years, until her son’s murran age set group is named. After the group is named, then the necklace is fit at the top of the bulbous base towards the bottom of the lmala’s neck.

[Query. check on the timing here, the seven years and the use on the llama loomuran after the age set is named.]
[Query. What happens to it after the boy becomes and elder?]

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