The Samburu Lowlands Research Station, Lengusaka, is pleased to announce that we have come to an agreement with Boniface Nakori, headmaster of the Remot Primary School, for his teachers to use the Research Station as a natural history laboratory. The Station spans several distinct habitats, a forested riparian corridor with a colony of vervet monkeys. Part of the Station is fenced with a limited number of animals permitted to graze as a demonstration plot for land restoration. An unfenced portion denuded from overgrazing showing significant erosion, and a natural rock-lined ravine opening to the Lengusaka River that bounds the Research Station on two sides. Students will study the plants, placing labels on those they know, record botanical details, ethnobotanical information, and other cultural uses for the plants. They will study and describe the different ecologies at the Research Station, considering the question of sustainability of intensive grazing. We would like to build a library of science books for students from Primary 1 through High School, and provide basic equipment for students to use including magnifying glasses, rulers, and compound and stereo microscopes. If you have materials to donate to the Research Center or would like to contribute financially to this school project, please contact us via the contact form. Thank you.

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